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[edit] Zebra

Zebra is machine that runs some functions at 2169. Bill came up with the name, as it takes after Pony and Donkey. If you need any help with Zebra, please contact Rubin.

[edit] Machine

Mac Mini G4 with 1gb of ram and 40gb storage. Currently running Debian Lenny. There is a UPC UPS hooked up, the battery seems to work fine. IP address is .

[edit] Location

You can find Zebra at the kitchen table mounded under the Reverse Engineering Bar display.

[edit] Services

[edit] Reverse Engineering Bar

The front end to the Reverse Engineering Bar is being driven by Zebra. The "ReBar" displays user generated content from Pony on the display. Example content is Bart times, or recent wiki edits.

[edit] Jukebox

Our Jukebox for the space plays through Zebra. This is done with MPD building a library of the music hosted on Pony and pumping it to the audio receiver. Zebra contains no music.

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