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I'm a theoretical physicist, software developer, and musician. I just moved to SF.

I have a PhD in theoretical physics from UT Austin, and a BS in physics from UC San Diego. My doctoral research dealt with building string theoretic models of QCD-like quantum field theories at strong coupling, via the AdS/CFT correspondence. You can read all about it here. More recently, I've jumped on the gravity <--> Navier-Stokes bandwagon.


[edit] Contact

GPG fingerprint: F80D 72FE 7C13 76D1 39E9 2F01 17B1 DF17 E619 50F3

fingerprint: 0579A57B ED42CF78 F2CD7112 72C2A86F 92F946A8

(415) 910-6346

05 70 fe 92 0c 9c ef 6d a6
20 df 96 e2 00 59 3d 7f c2
b6 8d 55 17 51 84 9c 1a 89
b1 65 0d d9 48 5b




[edit] Projects

  • vForms is a virtual environment for information organization for Windows 8 (sorry like 99.999% of the people reading this). C++ and DirectX.
    Update I'll be presenting an initial version at 5MoF on May 15th. I'm aiming to have it released by June 1st on the windows store.
  • I'd like to investigate the feasibility of using techniques similar to Loop and Blinn for a) rendering bezier splines, in particular digital ink strokes. b) making a fast, resolution independent pdf renderer. Both GLSL and HLSL versions. If this sounds interesting to any DirectX/OpenGL/CG hackers out there, it'd be great to see if we could release something substantial as open source.
    Update 5/6/2014: I found this, which should be good for study. Also this.
  • I'm often working on some sort of quantum-gravity-related research project or other. If any of you guys wanna check my math that would be rad.

[edit] Interests

  • String Theory
  • AdS/CFT
  • The holographic perspective on quantum entanglement entropy, and its implications for space/time emergence (ie the program spearheaded by Von Raamsdonk; EPR=ER)
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Mechanics (In particular, applications of Boltzmann machines to real-world systems -- eg work by Bialek. See also his textbook)
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Rational (ie phenomenological) discussion of mysticism in general
  • High Explosives
  • Saxophone
  • Cinder (creative coding library), and its application towards virtual workspace environment design on tablets and in augmented reality.
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Cooking (mostly Chinese and Mexican)
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Co-operative living

[edit] Some Publications

Evolution of non-local observables in an expanding boost-invariant plasma (forthcoming)

The Stability of Non-Extremal Conifold Backgrounds with Sources

The Non-SUSY Baryonic Branch: Soft Supersymmetry Breaking of N=1 Gauge Theories

Plasticity and learning in a network of coupled phase oscillators

Multi-user communication using chaotic frequency modulation

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