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I go by Avidd on teh IRC.

Here's a photo of me:

2099355039 602554b8a3 m.jpg

Here are more photos of me.

This is my janky page.

Sometimes janky is a valid aesthetic choice.

If you want to contact me, take my real name without spaces, turn the a into an @ symbol, and add .com to the end.


[edit] Skills:

[edit] Art:

[edit] Public Guerrilla installations

==== Max/Msp

[edit] Interactive performances

[edit] Electronic device art

[edit] Silkscreen

[edit] Motorcycle Repair

[edit] Motorcycle crash survival

[edit] Stencils

[edit] Video Clips

[edit] Having dumb ideas

[edit] Encouraging dumb ideas

[edit] Introducing people

[edit] Anyone need anything?

[edit] Electronics

[edit] Soldering

[edit] Eagle CAD

[edit] AVR, Arduinos, Make Controllers

[edit] Programming

[edit] Max/MSP

[edit] Python

[edit] Microcontrollers

[edit] Clojure
[edit] C~

[edit] Metal Work

[edit] Cutting

[edit] Welding

[edit] Grinding

[edit] Drilling

[edit] Sysadmin stuff

[edit] DevOps

[edit] Linux mostly

[edit] Cisco

[edit] Microsoft blargh

[edit] Networking

[edit] Trumpet

[edit] Trombone

[edit] Jazz

[edit] Balkan

[edit] Would like to learn more

[edit] Golang

[edit] Javascript frameworks

[edit] Meteor

[edit] Electronics stuff

[edit] Metal working

[edit] Bronze Casting

[edit] Fabrication

[edit] CAD design

[edit] Laser Cuttering
[edit] Solidworks

[edit] Chemistry

[edit] Ferrofluid

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