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[edit] TinyTux: The Noisebridge Embedded Linux Platform Group

Coin Type pager Motor

We are concerned with making embedded Linux and Android platforms accessible.

[edit] Motivations

The world of embedded hardware has become more accessible thanks to projects like Arduino and a new economy based on DIY. We want to provide the next level of hardware to people who are not completely served by the capabilities of micro-controllers.

[edit] Terminology

To avoid confusion (where possible) we'll try to use these terms.

[edit] Mailing List

We have created a TinyTux mailing list on the Noisebridge server. Please join us!

[edit] Component Sourcing

Here are pages for discussing:

[edit] System on Chip

Single Chip Systems that are commonly encountered on embedded hardware

[edit] Single Board Computers

Examples of accessible hardware platforms

[edit] Embedded OS's based on Linux

The various flavors of Linux that are at our disposal

[edit] Current Projects

[edit] Links

[edit] Meeting Notes

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