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[edit] Alex Gonz

So, it's not uncommon, im sure around this hackerspace, that we come with a certain amount of pain when we partake in activities, but this was a little bit more than that. Me and my wife were getting intimate, and afterward she was experiencing discomfort, which most of the time is fairly normal when you're of the larger variety. Fast forward one day, and she is buckled over on the couch when I get home from work, so thinking it maybe something serious (she's a type 1 diabetic) we rush over to the ER. There they do an ultrasound, and find out there's blood in her abdomen. So a couple other scans later to find she had a ruptured ovarian cyst, that had been bleeding out (slowly, mind you) since the night before. And when my wife told the doctor we had sex the night before, he just kind of gives me this look, with a smirk, because apperanlty that's one of them, hard to reach areas. Long story short, 2.5 liters of blood loss and one emergency surgery later, my wife is feeling better, but that's the story of how I almost killed my wife with my dick.

Can a section be added to the front page that shows active projects and new wiki entries being developed? Perhaps based on a category tag?


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