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A couple of years back I was doing temp work at a hospital and struck up a friendship with one of the older secretaries, a milf. She was 38 and I was 22 and we would have lunch together since we worked in the same department and got off at the same time. She talked to me all the time about her messy divorce and how her life was currently in a rut but honestly I only hung out with her since she would always pay for my lunch and also she had a massive rack and low cut blouses to show it off. After about a month she started to get more suggestive, saying she needed a younger man to "help her out" around the house now that her husband was gone. We danced around the issue for a bit because I wanted to make sure this only wanted some temporary work done instead of something more permanent, and after a couple of days of talking I decided to go for it and I arranged to show up at her house on her day off in the afternoon while her daughter was at school.

I got there and she immediately wanted to get down to business, as she greeted me at the door only wearing a thin bath robe that was untied. We got to her bedroom and first thing she does is order me to drop my pants which I oblige. I strip and she looks down and smiles and remarks that I was much bigger than her ex-husband. So as I'm naked she lies back onto her bed and takes off her robe, revealing her two massive breasts (38E as I later found out) clad in a black bra and some black panties. As I get on top of her I try to take off her bra and suddenly she stops me in my tracks, claiming she doesn't want show me her breasts yet, as that was a "prize" for me later. I'm a bit ticked off and confused, seeing as how that was the only reason I was fucking her, to get at her tits and now she's trying to hold them back from me? But I was already hard and on top of her so I just pulled down her panties and went to work.

I can see why her ex-husband left her. I don't know if it was bad technique on my part or if she was like this all the time, but she seriously just kind of laid back and took it. For someone as horny as her she sure wasn't expressive during the actual act. She did moan and make a few gestures but overall it felt as if she was watching C-SPAN on TV while I was pounding away at her. I tried slowing it down and talking to her during it to see if I was doing anything wrong but she just told me that it was "Fine, keep going". After about ten minutes of this I just sped up to get it over with and finished inside of her before rolling over. She made small talk about work as I rested up but I was more interested in actually getting to her tits so I got on top of her again and asked if she was going to take off her bra. She refused again telling me that she wasn't comfortable showing her breasts to strangers, despite the fact I had already seen her pussy and just came inside her. I told her to roll onto her stomach as I wanted to start it doggy style to see if maybe that would get her more involved but then she became adamant about how she only had sex in missionary due to her religion or some such nonsense. Disappointed and just wanting to get it over with now round two ended in a quick finish and I pulled out right before I finished and came all over her stomach. This really set her off as she immediately got up and angrily walked into her bathroom and shut the door behind her and I could hear her turn on the shower. For a brief second I wanted to walk into the shower and see if I could see her fully naked and since her getting up revealing her fat ass that I was surprised she had. I decided against it though and checked my phone for message since it was still on her floor. I managed to see one of her bras in the laundry bin so I picked it up and checked the tag (38E) as I was always curious on her bra size.

I sat naked on her bed wondering what exactly I should be doing, since she had told me earlier to stick around afterwards for a few more sessions. She finally gets out of the shower after twenty minutes still wearing her bra and nothing else (apparently she either showered in the bra or decided putting back on her bra again was normal but decided to leave her muff exposed) She looked at me naked for a second and told me to put my clothes back on since she was leaving to pick up her daughter. We both got dressed and made some more small talk and then she actually asked me she might need more "help" in the future which was weird since I had assumed she didn't want my "help"

After that we spoke occasionally and still had lunch together but she seemed to pretend that our past encounter had never occurred, and the one time I did show up at her house for more "help" we just kind of cuddled naked for two hours (which she still left her bra on) Afterwards I jerked off on one of her expensive bras and squirted inside each cup and placed it inside her laundry hamper. A week later I finished up my work and quit, and the last time I saw her she hugged me saying good luck on my future job, but I noticed she was wearing the bra that I had came in, so hopefully a piece of me is still with her to this day.

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I've started cleaning up the section on getting to Noisebridge by public transit. Future plans include better directions for visiting the space by Amtrak, and getting home from Noisebridge late at night on AC Transit and SamTrans. Please feel free to add this information yourself too. Asmallteapot (talk) 02:38, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

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