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These are the notes from the The 245th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Drew; Moderator: John.


[edit] Short announcements and events

  • No meaningful changes to current schedule
  • Relationship forming with diggers on 23d and Shotwell; the Free Print Shop. If interested, speak to Drew.

[edit] Membership Binder

  • Andrew does not have two active members signed on to his application, but has four weeks.
  • Charles here to learn English and practice hobby of hacking, first night.

[edit] Financial Report

  • Funds in bank: $15933.12
  • Noisetor balance: Paid as of last week/time announced.
  • Mike used to getting an e-mail receipt for his dues

[edit] Consensus items

  • No items

[edit] Discussion Notes

One report from last week, on the mediation between Chris, Martin and Josh:

  • Chris agreed that he would not curse or act violently while in the space, also that he would stop a given activity if asked to do so.

[edit] Attendance

  • James
  • Joanathan
  • Kahir
  • Monad
  • Drew
  • John
  • Steven
  • Charles
  • Martin
  • Casey
  • Cliff.

This happened in 14 minutes.

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