Meeting Notes 2009 06 16

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[edit] Crew

[edit] Agenda Items


[edit] Announcements

[edit] Project Updates

  • ML WiiMote Gesture Recognition: we did our first data capture last week, will be starting code this week (details below)

[edit] What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

[edit] Consensus Items


[edit] Membership Binder

  • Reading Names
  • New member approvals

[edit] Discussion topics

  • Who would help buy a Microvision PicoProjector dev kit? (David Molnar)
  • Status of 501c3 application (David Molnar)
  • Moving - space visit reports for 2017 MIssion and 475 Valencia
  • Billings_Grab_Bag - grab bag of hackable stuff for Billings Middle school

[edit] Notes

  • Add links to every agenda item up.
  • Volunteers to lead the next meeting?
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