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This is a repository of powerful knowledge. Deposit snippets of code, schematics, and guides pertaining to NoiseBridge projects. Stub articles (red links) can be seen as a request for more information. Keep it organized and leave out the fluff.


[edit] Literature

[edit] Dead Tree

Check out our Dead Tree Library page.

[edit] e-Books

Something should go here eventually on how to access our e-Books.

[edit] On-line

[edit] Software

[edit] Code


Has lots of links to very useful third-party libraries, as well as the main executables for most platforms.

Processing Code Fragments

Stuff that we've been working on.

[edit] Implementation

[edit] Hardware

[edit] Projects

Brain Machine

Attacking FDE hardware solutions

Basic LED/Arduino Dev

DIY Book Scanner

[edit] Chemistry

[edit] Projects



[edit] Reference

Solution Dilution Calculator

[edit] Craft

(there are some dead-tree sewing books that are kept in the sewing area)

Open Library Sewing

[edit] Photography


Scanner Camera

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