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I must say I've tried throwing it over my shoulder, but doesn't stay there thankfully!! It does rest next to my face if I'm on my back though :-/

Hi, I constantly have back pain because of very large and heavy boobs (28LL uk sizes) and it is hard to keep good posture because even in good bras the weight is just much for the upper torso to carry.

I tried doing some core exercises to help, but my back just starts to hurt more and when my muscles are sore from the exercise it is even worse to walk around or stand straight.

What advise is there for extremely busty girls?

My mom is from south america and lives there half the time. When I first grew "too big" she went and figured it all for me (I didn't go with it) and from what I'd recommend is definitely go get it done to any of the country capitals, major cities. Make sure you speak the language to express your desires clearly to your dr (I wouldn't expect them to speak english), and have someone local to help you with paperwork, transportation and where to stay after, since you'd want follow ups and need some recovery period that you can't fly back.

I hear that depending on the country you can have it all done and covered for ~$4K, I wouldn't be surprised if there are extra costs over that though, but still way cheaper than going privately in the US.

Up to a point really, I have outgrown the machine so I cannot use the mammogram machine and have to get boob ultrasounds.

Maybe a pro, that it is less painful than squished boobs, but it gets messy as hell with all that gel covering your torso and belly.

I tend to forget during the day how big they are on me until I get home and remove my bra. It always hits me hard when I look at myself on the full body mirror just how out of place my boobs are on my body.

For me it is most of the things that my boobs do that surprise me bc I rarely get to see them full frontal. So, maybe just looking at yourself more often naked in the mirror may make you get used to them? I never do but when I do it is quite shocking.

I haven't had a good boob day in quite some time now :(

Her feelings about needing a reduction match mine 100%. I am also in a situation where I have to get one against my will. I really wish I didn't have to.

I always wanted huge boobs, I thought it'd be fun and yeah there'd be some struggles fitting in clothes and bumping into things, I thought it was just fun part of being busty. I never expected my boobs to get this godly heavy where a new increasing list of issues start to arise that I never thought of before.

I don't think that most people sit and think through of all the issues that ginormous boobs bring, most stop at "ohh fun boobies" and never think of "what about the underboob rashes", or get that far down the experience.

Some women that aren't thrilled with their own boobs can maybe extrapolate that their own discomforts would be bigger with bigger boobs, but again the details of "boobs get in the way when doing your toe nails", "boobs making your arm numb", "having to pick them up to get out of bed" are problems nobody gets to think of.

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