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[edit] Secret Motor

The original Secret Motor was a project by Mike Kan circa 1993 to visualize memory access on a Macintosh using an oscilloscope. The QEMU Secret Motor is an attempt to create something similar using an emulator. It currently consists of a patched version of qemu which prints the x86 EIP for each cycle of the emulated machine, and a python script (based on this YouScope emulator) to visualize that data. TODO: post some video here of the qemu secret motor running.

[edit] QEMU

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

[edit] Horology

[edit] Linux 3.4 timer fixes

Patches for resume and 32-bit timer overflow

[edit] (Potential) fix for Linux leapsecond bug

1 July 2012

[edit] Avoiding unnecessary overflow in sched_clock

15 November 2011

[edit] The Elements of Computing Systems

[edit] MMIX

MMIX is a 64-bit RISC machine used in Volume 4A of Donald Knuth's Art of Computer Programming and it will eventually be used in all other volumes of that series.

[edit] Open Computation Hardware

The OR1200 is an open-source synthesizable CPU.

[edit] What Every Programmer Should Know about Computer Memory

A 7-part series by Ulrich Drepper (complete PDF):

[edit] CorePy

CorePy: Assembly Programming from Python

[edit] Patterson & Hennesy

Java tutorial based on "Computer Architecture" and "Computer Organization and Design"

[edit] Operating Systems

Systems-level software (kernel and userspace)

[edit] Unix V6

[edit] Linux

[edit] A Plumber's Wish List for Linux

Looking for a useful systems software project? Version 2 of the list by Kay Sievers (20 Oct 2011).

[edit] Linux 0.01

[edit] Minix 3

Roadmap including ARM support.

[edit] Temporal Hex Dump

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