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[edit] Let's Make Our Own Cables

Based on this original discuss/sound-hacks post. We will make our own Instrument and Microphone (XLR) cables in whatever lengths you desire.

[edit] Attendance

        The reality of this happening will depend on your guaranteed attendance. Everyone attending will splits the costs of the materials. Once we have the materials cost figured out we will set a mutually agreeable time, but most likely it will be on a Monday at 7pm so we can all attend the Circuit Hacking Monday soldering lesson.  

Your Name Total Length of cable desired Total pairs of connectors desired Quality Components or Meh Do you promise you will attend if we work with your schedule?
James S 100ft minimum 4 pairs Quality Yes
Your name Length of Cable Desired Pairs of Connectors Desired Quality Components or Meh Whether you Will Attend

[edit] Questions?

Post here or join the sound-hacks mailing list, which is low traffic and high quality.

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