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Welcome to the Noisebridge Zine-In-Progress

This page is currently in the process of being transferred to http://zine.noisebridge.net.

To sign up for the ZiP Mailing List please go to https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/zine

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ZiP (Zine-in-Progress) is a zine arising from and devoted to Noisebridge, started by fervent Bridge acolyte Tony Longshanks (aka The Wonderful Wizard of ZiP, or WonWiz) in December, 2011. The inaugural issue, ZiP No. 1, will be finished and available - barring an unforeseen calamity - at 5 Minutes of Fame on Thursday, Jan. 19. It's going to be fun night, so sign up to give a 5MoF talk now and we'll see you there for the unveiling.

The full text of each issue will also be available online (CMS site currently under construction). Limited print runs of each completed issue will be available on a monthly or quarterly (4 x per year) basis, with more copies always available to print on demand. Cost may be a factor but we'll cross that bridge later.

If you wish to submit material for the inaugural issue, please do so by Sunday, Jan. 15th - sooner if possible! Email submissions to anthonyletigre (at) gmail.com; other modes of submission are detailed below.

ZiP Issue One: January 2012

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At present, ZiP is edited by Tony and largely consists of his material, but submissions by other Noisebridgers are encouraged, and have been and will continue to be included. Be sure to include your name – or a name, at any rate – if you wish to be credited! The original ZiP concept was not a solo zine but a collaborative effort by all interested users of this unique creative incubator that would represent an official or semi-official Noisebridge publication. That ambition may have been a bit lofty at the outset, but we're not ditching it yet. It may have to simmer for a while but we're confident it will come to a beautiful rolling boil in time, and all sorts of great things are bound to bubble up in its wake.

One such side project is an anthology of peoples' recollections of the first time they came to Noisebridge. Read more about the anthology here.


The Imagination Box (Flights of fantasy, unclassifiable, trampolinear thinking)

But Seriously (a safe space for sincerity & honesty, iron-free zone, geeks and depression, etc)

Politics (Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, shrill humorless rants, etc)

Technology (Software, Hardware, circuit hacking, lasers, etc etc - the meat & potatoes of hacking)

News (micro, macro, local, global)

Calendar (for NoiseBridge, hacker events, related community events)

TasteBridge (Recipes, mushroom info, microbrewing, dinners, etc)

Academia (classes being taught, Corvid College, SF Free School, etc)

Fake Advertising (I picture a Fake Advertising Department desk in Hacker Alley where the staff Photoshops fake ads for the zine, makes prank phone calls to businesses, & otherwise parodies & subverts the duties of a typical newspaper advertising department)

Culture / Literary Conceits (Creative Writing, number poems, haikus about hacking, book & film reviews, etc)

Games (board games, RPGs, Xbox, Sega, Halo, Go, DND, w/e)

Discuss / Debate / Disparage

Letters / Mail

Satire / Humor / Fun (No politics, not PC)

Crafts / Home Improvement (sewing, wood shop, upcycling, etc)

Photography / Film / Audio

Diversity / Anti-Oppression / Inclusiveness

Community / Society Gossip / Bulletin Board

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