Year 1 Open Hacker House

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Friday October 2nd
6PM - 11PM
Noisebridge, 2169 Mission Street San Francisco CA


What is this event?

October will mark our 1 year anniversary. This event will be a celebration to show off neat stuff Noisebridge as made in it's first year of physical space existence.

What does the event comprise of?

Noisebridge projects

  • Neat electronics from circuit hacking
  • OpenEEG
  • Photography of Noisebridge-stuff from the dark room group
  • Reprap and Makerbot
  • Weird shit on a projection screen written in Python!
  • Parking meter reverse engineering and analysis
  • The Cold Boot Attack
  • The Rouge CA certificate project
  • libmsr
  • Misc. Free Software

Cyborg group

  • North paw compass anklet
  • Pulse choker (hopefully fully functional!)
  • Ultrasonic listening / echolocation

Hacked Up Musical Performances

  • Jonathan Moore's amazing Live Coding
  • DIY instrument modifications and decorations from the lovely Corpus Collosum
  • Circuit bending with Caly McMorrow

Reverse Engineering Bar

  • Awesome geeky drinks
  • Tech support for your metrosexual and hipster computing needs
  • Emperor Norton Lager

Request of funds from Noisebridge?

Please do donate to Noisebridge. We're a member funded organization but we're also a public benefit corporation that is not simply a private social club. We specifically seek to improve the general world and we try to create that change by using Noisebridge as an incubator. Our endeavors are undertaken in a non-commercial manner and without the restriction of credentials required to enter the academy.

Who's invited?

Members, non-members, anyone who's interested in Noisebridge and general hacking. No cover, suggested donation at the door and bar.


  • Clean up 2169.
  • Setup areas for each of the projects being shown up.
  • Enjoy the open house.
  • ...
  • Hackit!
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