Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon Series

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The Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathons generated considerable interest and engagement, but there's more work to be done!

The Second Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 8. This is a page where you can read about and contribute to organizing aaronsw hackathons around the world.

We are also using #aaronswhack on and can be reached on the list



Structure of the event (condensed from meeting notes):

  • In advance at each location, (at least) one presenter is chosen to "pitch" what they consider a vital project. This project should be eminently hackable -- the presenter or another volunteer who knows the project well should be prepared to help interested parties get involved, at many skill levels.
  • The event starts like a hybrid (un-)conference, with introductions and short presentations. The pre-announced presenter(s) do these presentations, and during the introductions people can offer or request talks, which are added as time permits on the spot. Total presentation time should be ~1.5-2hrs. Presentations are recorded and immediately posted online (or streamed), for remote participants or people at other hackathons to see.
  • Then there's open time to work.
  • Finally, at the end of the event, there are 1.5-2hrs of demonstrations of results. Anyone can sign up on the site with info about project status to get a demo slot. Demos are also recorded and posted online, cross-referenced with individuals and projects.

Proposed Dates

  • Set up a event webpage - NOW (Sept.)
  • Recruit hacklabs (as hosts) and activists (as PMs) - NOW (Sept.)
  • Get signal-boosting web coverage - Sept/Oct
  • Run events - Nov. 8 weekend

Projects to Work on

  • HTTPS Everywhere (yan): an EFF browser extension to encrypt the web that Aaron worked on. There are a lot of tickets that we could work on, including making an Opera port of the extension.

Groups/People to collaborate with

  • Praveen (SF) - California prison reform/hunger strike stuff
  • Willow (Cambridge?) - Hackers Without Borders
  • Oliver Day (Cambridge) - Securing Change


  • Nosebridge, SF - CONFIRMED
  • Boston, MA - IN PROGRESS (Berkman) (or Media Lab)
  • Seattle, WA (some hackerspace - willow?)
    • Talk to SeattleAttic and/or Jigsaw and/or some other place. I can ask around. 23:15, 27 June 2013 (UTC)
    • Email sent! 10:39, 14 September 2013 (UTC)
  • Austin - IN PROGRESS
  • Bangalor
  • Berlin - CONFIRMED
    • Talk to samthetechie at the c-base for more info
  • Paris
  • London
  • Zagreb (+ other balkan)
  • Tokyo

Suggested to Join in

Organizing a Hackathon in general

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