Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon Series

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The Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathons generated considerable interest and engagement, but there's more work to be done!

The Second Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 5. This is a page where you can read about and contribute to organizing hackathons around the world.

We are also using #aaronswhack on and can be reached on the list



I see a hackathon minimally looking something like this:

  • intro & curated pitches/presentations, mostly from activist/ngo types
  • some sort of update on work from other locations
  • time to work, for those who can find a project, maybe with simultaneous workshops
  • demos at the end, with documentation as a necessary registration step to a demo

Proposed Dates

  • Set up a event webpage - NOW (Sept.)
  • Recruit hacklabs (as hosts) and activists (as PMs) - NOW (Sept.)
  • Get signal-boosting web coverage - Sept/Oct
  • Run events - Nov. 5-8-ish

Projects to Work on

Groups/People to collaborate with

  • Praveen - California prison reform/hunger strike stuff
  • Willow - Hackers Without Borders


  • Nosebridge, SF
  • Boston, MA (ML?)
  • Seattle, WA (some hackerspace - willow?)
    • Talk to SeattleAttic and/or Jigsaw and/or some other place. I can ask around. 23:15, 27 June 2013 (UTC)
  • Bangalor
  • Berlin
    • Talk to samthetechie at the c-base for more info
  • Paris
  • London
  • Zagreb (+ other balkan)
  • Tokyo

Suggested to Join in

Organizing a Hackathon in general

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