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=== Soldering ===
=== Soldering ===
=== Electronic Components ===
=== Sewing ===
=== Sewing ===
=== Cooking ===
=== Cooking ===

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WeKnow - Noisebridge collective knowledge bank

Noisebridge is affiliated with many knowledgable people in many disciplines. We should categorize and standardize these disciplines so that it is possible for anyone in our community to evaluate themselves against the totality of knowledge in a given discipline.

Simply put, we should make lists of what people know, so that anyone can learn it. This will happen because people will discover where they're at relative to others in the Noisebridge community, and will be able to decide to who learn from, or whether they should offer themselves as a teacher.

Disciplines of knowledge in WeKnow

Following are the different topics covered by WeKnow, with links to the knowledge we have on them.


1 What types of pins does an Arduino have? 2 What Hardware (Microcontroller) is most commonly used in an Arduino? 3 What can be controlled or activated or communicated by its output pins? 4 What can be input/sensed with its input pins? 5 What kinds of subsystems can an Arduino easily be connected to? 6 What


Electronic Components



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