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JavaScript Libraries

  • AngularJS - Directive-based MVC framework
  • Backbone.js - Barebones MVC framework
  • Ember.js - Handlebars-based MVC framework
  • jQuery - Downloads and documentation for the most popular web framework

Browser support

  • Autoprefixer - Preprocesses stylesheets and adds vendor prefixes
  • Can I use... - Worldwide browser support percentages for new technologies
  • CSS3 Please - Easy vendor prefixing page for popular CSS3 features
  • HTML5 Please - Whether to use the latest in HTML5
  • Modernizr - JS feature-detection library

Web applications

  • Django - Python-based web app framework
  • Middleman - Ruby-based frontend workflow app
  • Ruby on Rails - Wildly popular Ruby-based web app framework



Online schools

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