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To avoid misunderstandings, here's some advice to help you understand what you're getting into. If this appeals to you, then we look forward to seeing you!


Come with an open mind

There's a lot to see and learn at Noisebridge. If you've already made up your mind on a lot of things, then you'll be unlikely to enjoy it to its fullest.

Not "child-safe"

We are not limited in what we like to explore to what some would consider "appropriate" for a child to be exposed to. To that end, there are many adult-themed ideas, concepts, language and items that all people entering the space will come across. Children are as welcome in the space as any other person - just be prepared for what they may encounter.

Some times are better than others

We have many scheduled activities in the space, and many of us have day jobs.

  • If you're interested in activities, check out our schedule.
  • If you'd like to come during unstructured time and talk with lots of people, after hours is best.
  • If you'd prefer a quieter environment, come earlier in the day.
  • You're unlikely to find people in the space before noon on most days.

Excellence required!

Our "golden rule" of "be excellent to each other" we take fairly seriously. Please respect the cool space that you'll be enjoying. It's only because we believe in it and want to share with everyone that we're welcoming you at all. Please try to be careful with what you find there, and the recognize that the things on shelves are other people's stuff.

Hostile Network

The network at Noisebridge should be regarded as hostile. This means that you should assume that any unencrypted communications over the network may be monitored by others. Examples would be POP3/IMAP email clients, most websites, IRC/AIM and similar chat protocols that are often not encrypted. While no issues have come up to date, and it would be very un-excellent to prey on those at the space, it is wise to be aware of the potential. Stick to using SSL or secure tunnels for anything that uses a password or that you wouldn't want anyone else in the room to read.

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