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File:RonaldCotani.jpg:1000px Gack, I lost the version I had due to an accidental tap of the back button. I'd be happy if someone else wanted to add to this....



We should do this in two parts, probably.

Introduction to Version Control

  • "Keeping a forever history of your work."
  • What is a repository?
  • What is a branch?
  • Pros and cons of centralized versus distributed version control systems.

Advanced trickery

  • Rewriting history, hosting your own repositories on the network, and so much more.


What works for people? Suggestions welcome.

  • weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM
  • wednesday evenings between 6 PM and 8 PM
  •  ?

Linux System Admin class on Tuesdays is now working on Git. Interested in taking part?

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