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It's Borken!

Things that are borken and probably need to be fixed:

Our Safety page is seriously out of date.

The touchscreens. Oh, my the touchscreens.

Noisebridge Outputs

Where do people go (or think they might want to go) when they want to find out news about noisebridge? (written 2011-06-20)

Twitter (1,500 followers)

Noisebridge announce (959 subs)

Noisebridge discuss (713 sub -- 1302 distinct addresses between nb-announce, nb-discuss)

Other Noisebridge mail lists: there are 38 lists as of edit (Miloh 23:33, 20 June 2011 (UTC))

Noisebridge front page (3,780,294 hits as of today, no idea of timeline or provenance)

Noisebridge wikipedia page (500-600 times a month according to )

IRC (120ish avg members, incl. bots)

Noisebridge blog (64 subscribers on GR)

Noisebridge aggregator (26 subscribers on GR) blog (4 subscribers on GR)

From the Winter 2011 survey:

Where did you hear about this poll?

Nb-discuss		38	39%
Noiseb-IRC		4	4%
Noisebridge		4	4%
NB-announce		28	29%
Other source		24	24%

...and how would you like to hear news about Noisebridge?

NB-discuss		19	19%
NoiseB-IRC		1	1%
Noisebridge		3	3%
NB-announce		36	37%
Other source		39	40%
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