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Hello! My name's Naomi.

The "I's" do have it!

I became a Noisebridge member on August 25, 2009.
While I have admittedly not contributed much direct coding or hardware hacking *at* the Space itself ever since I joined, I certainly Talk the Talk quite well as far as Policies and Procedures. Most besides *this* Most ;o) will easily realize that I greatly prefer managing Noisebridge affairs remotely in my own manner of self-deprecating flippancy, as opposed to spending any significant amount of live time at the Space, excluding of course attending meetings such as Tuesdays' Weekly. This is primarily due to my various commitments, including holding down a full time job as well as taking care of my young boy.

I have an unhealthy fixation on streaming radio. Here are some radios I host.

Some (like Mutiny Radio) come from live studios and some (like Feliz Navidad Forever and Radio Loki) are algorithmically generated.

I use liquidsoap to sculpt the station, Python to wrap it, and icecast to stream it.

Want to give me access to something so I can hack away on it at leisure? Grab my public RSA key.

Naomi Theora Most
naomi at + pnaomi at

skype: nthmost

/etc/passwd entry

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Naomi Most' --shell /bin/bash nthmost
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