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r. miloh.

ping me as froggytoad on the Noisebridge irc channel.

or email miloh at froggytoad pünct net

working on:

  • Learning Chinese
  • Portable Payphone project v1.0 is a Payphone pedestal to be installed at the Frankenart Mart
  • unlocking linksys ATA adapters... egads a whole bunch of sys/admin services have to be run for simple unlocks of linksys equipment, good to learn though
  • $sudo pop
  • Fortune Cookie Cutter (a python project)


  • Light Tent proselytizing at Noisebridge
  • revolutionEar (DIY megaphone)
  • sussuration cap


  • mini UPS/failover for an embedded system to landline... feasability & legality study...
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