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Ronald Miloh Alexander

I'm aka 'froggytoad' on the Noisebridge irc channel.
or email miloh at froggytoad pünct net
There are some entries by me on the noiseblog At Noisebridge, I know where things are, and try to know who's around.


  • Still around on most Mondays helping people learn to solder
  • $sudo pop Yerba Mate Gingerpop, robo grease, and unicorn pee.
  • learning bellows construction for the SEM camera attachment
  • build out: facilities closet.
  • still working on boards for noisebridge: noise punk console


  • a manifesto of media ideas and conclusions drawn from noisebridge events. Freestreaming.
  • evergreen: would evergreen work as a Noisebridge integrated library system (ILS)? I want to be able to find out what we have, and where one is if it's in the space.
  • soda fountain for noisebridge soda jerks.
  • doorbell-be-gone
  • laser projector. pushing a volkdsuino by turning it into a lzr projector. Thanks to the Noisebridge laser order and xek for this!
  • Markov bathroom. Our original boring bathroom should be upgraded to a 'Markov' bathroom.


  • kit samples and programming.
    • built samples of most kits available at Circuit Hacking Mondays
    • make a system available for programming the avr and arduinos with Linux ([quagga])
    • document the toolchain process for MS/apple os's as well
  • fast 'upcb' (unprinted pcb) construction from scratch, with paper, perfboard, sewing needles, copper clad board, and a dremel.
  • solid state bulbs. replace mini 120v incandescants with home made solid state bulbs using 'upcb' above. Lost documentaion! Need to make more.
  • Ada bathroom. This is kind of finished. Lots of plumbing, painting, mudding, tile, and clean up.
  • door hanging. Hanging more doors around the space
  • electronics work benchs. made something like a ~$500 granger bench for $85
  • elevator test plan: what the hell is up with our janky elevator? Test it monthly with a friend.

SSH PubKey

ssh-dss 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 miloh at froggytoad punct net

==adduser stanza==
 # adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31513 --gecos 'Ronald Miloh Alexander' rmiloh
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