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I am taking a few classes here and meeting some really great people. I get more work done at Noisebridge than I do at home. Maybe because I am surrounded by like minded individuals. Maybe because Noisebridge expects me to be excellent (and creative).

I'll be launching my website soon and I will definitely put Noisebridge donate links on it.

Here's my pony public key:

ssh-dss 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 ewr@Mint10

I would like to use some of the server space to develop a personalized linux distro. Please let me in.

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