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hi i'm [[greg albrecht]]. sometimes known as [[gba]] or [[__xs]] on [[IRC]].
;hi i'm [[greg albrecht]], i live/work/play in sf.  
:by day i'm known as
Web: []
;here's how to get in touch with me:
:IRC: [[xs]], [[gba], or [[__xs]]
Email: []
:AIM: gbaight
:Email: []
Mobile: 1-310-621-9598 (yes, [[310]] is [[LA]])
:Mobile: 1-310-621-9598 (yes, [[310]] is [[LA]])
:Web: []

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hi i'm greg albrecht, i live/work/play in sf.
by day i'm known as
here's how to get in touch with me
IRC: xs, [[gba], or __xs
AIM: gbaight
Mobile: 1-310-621-9598 (yes, 310 is LA)
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