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== Miscellany ==
== Miscellany ==
=== Board Pledge ===
My utopia lacks a Noisbridge board. To that end, I fully support [[Policy Wonks | adapting our by-laws]] to remove the board. Until that lofty goal is reached, the board should avoid even the appearance of interference in Noisebridge's affairs.
If elected to the board, I pledge:
* to resist the dark-side's tempting urge to use my mighty and awesome board-powers;
* to cease working on matters of Noisebridge management, including the [[Policy Wonks]] (for the duration of my time on the board);
* to relinquish my ability to block consensus (for the duration of my time on the board);
* neither to moderate, nor to scribe for a Noisebridge meeting (for the duration of my time on the board);
* never again to accept nomination for, nor to serve on Noisebride's board;
* nor to hold any officer position at Noisebridge (for the duration of my time on the board); and
* to execute the consensus of Noisebridge without let or hindrance as a board member.
I hope that any candidate for election to the board takes a similar pledge.
Let me be clear: I do not want to be elected to the board. I would much rather work on improving Noisebridge by Doing Things. However, I think that the board should not Do Things, because '''danger Will Robinson'''.
I solemnly swear that I am not now nor have I ever been a machine intelligence.

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This page is not kept nearly as current as my personal site which even includes signed crypto info.


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/etc/passwd entry

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Tom L' --shell /bin/bash --uid 8665 flamsmark


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