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=Eri Comparri=
=Eri Comparri=

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[edit] Eri Comparri

I'm Eri. I am a mathematician and cartographer figuring out my purpose through the process of elimination. You'll often find me at Noisebridge working on some project or other, or distracting others from work. If you want to help out around the space, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. I like milkshakes, statistics, chocolate, and label makers.

[edit] Contact Info

  • email: erin_DOT_comparri (At) yahoo
  • IRC: thermburglar

[edit] Current Projects

  • Fuzzy bath robe
  • WikiMeetingScript
  • Backsplash Can Tiling
  • General Organization of Noisebridge

[edit] Upcoming Projects

  • MiniBuild-Out Weekends
  • Maker Faire 2010

[edit] Past Projects

  • Various Sewing Projects
  • NoiseRat with Laser Eyes
  • Hula Hoops
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