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  • DieLaughing at #noisebridge
  • @DieLaughing on Twitter
  • XMPP/Jabber
  • +1-415-449-1617


  • Abacus - Writing an abacus app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Minerva - An in-browser CSS drawing application.
  • FLT - My general proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
  • taking over the world
  • riding unicorns into the sunset while villages explode (narrated by Morgan Freeman)


GPG public key
 pub   4096R/FB91CB87 2013-07-27 [expires: 2017-07-27]
      Key fingerprint = 7C61 4605 2169 069F A378 2C27 FB91 CB87 3BEE 161E
 uid                  J. Adam Moore <>
 sub   4096R/0E317DC5 2013-07-27 [expires: 2017-07-27]

ssh public key

 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDAu16vnWJqW8f82dIOE55BvsEN0q5GiaNaNkKeKmJDvQ0DjjrRKGyuL3qcgfISIDm4qRw6nMlDdxLxPUY62sW+oZWpy1/uLpn+1sEaa/u867ZWkjmubWUALDnxll/NlsPT7qVHBcxs6nHi0XcQhc2oDYEJNF+NSaFfK0rYqVGHok+4wffEQw8bFcdwv+mhfemBWBlQ6T2mcLCKlj2Zx+k0lOOWdP38i99FxEc61GeiMbApTIenWIRmKyc5m/QCPUYnjvVU8X4q9t5Br7WRREpaeibBc0MZwan7Xm92gxdbgRAecI2823g6w1Ry40pds7dscejSS/P6Iq+kMk52s73f

/etc/passwd entry

#adduser --gecos 'J. Adam Moore' DieLaughing
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