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"MMMM!!" She screams as she laps it up, running her tongue from the bottom of my dick head to inside my quivering dick hole. She moves her tongue in a swirling motion inside me as she sucks out my oozing nutsac sweetness. "Lift me up Daddy!" Eve asks with the joy of a little girl on Christmas as she locks her legs and arms around me, squeezing out more delicious cock molasses on to her face and chest.

I thrust my hips forward again sending a flexing wave of hardness to shoot up my dick. It bobs upward stretching and bulging out eight feet in the air with Eve riding the fat bulbous tip. "Haa haha! Your a dream! An absolute fantasy! She screams as she flips to the top of my dick head and slides down to me. "Weeeee! Hee heehee! Ooohhh I love it!" She squeals, stopping herself with her feet on my shoulders. "You have shown me such wonders! Eve says as she places the bottom of her soft, dainty, pale baby foot on my cheek.

"Will you release me? Will you love me?.....I want you!...I want to satisfy you for eternity! (Pant) Please! (Pant) Please unlock me!....I will do whatever you want! (Pant) Whatever you could possibly want or imagine! We will do together!" She declares as she humps the air between us and pretends to pull the key from behind my ear with her foot as it dangles in front of me between her tiny purple painted toes.

I lose control of myself and grab the key with my right hand and her milky little white foot with my left. I lick the bottom of her foot, bringing my tongue to a point and slipping it between her toes. Individually sliding in and out of each little toe crevice. "Ohh...Aaahh!...Eric!..please!" She screams and laughs as she squirms around on my erection, desperately trying to get away.

I place the key in the lock of her metal panties while she's preoccupied and leave it there. Grabbing her other foot I bring them together and pull her feet up to my mouth, scooting her butt up against my stomach and running the entire length of her petite ivory legs up my chest. Her feet stretch up to my chin allowing me to rub my face on their feathery bottoms and lick every inch of her soft luscious skin.

"Please! (Pant)..You can't! Its.. (Pant).. too much haha ha!" She shouts as she flails wildly kicking and bucking her legs and feet while I roll my tongue around every delicate sugary little toe, their sweetness making my mouth water. "Wirr ooh tear me whafs goin on?" I ask with a mouth full of toes. "Yes! Yes! Haha ha! (Pant) Please! Just unlock (Pant) me first! I need you!"

I take her feet out of my mouth and kiss their bottoms as I spread her legs and wrap them around my waist. I think of Alice and everything she did for me, remembering something she said to me. "Do you know why you cant stop reliving those memories? You cant stop because no one has given you new memories to relive. Better memories. Incredible memories." And I realize that she was right, I don't want to die anymore.

My memories, my life before her, it doesn't matter. I can never go back to my old life. I will never want to go back to my old life. This is my life, these beautiful girls are my life and nothing else matters. I owe them everything and it is my destiny to take care of them, to love them and most of all save them from this place.

I give into Eves desires and smile, leaning in towards Eve I kiss her forehead and lightly lick the outer edges of her ear as I whisper with a heavy deep breath. "I want you Eve! I want to pleasure you until you can't move! I want to soak you in my cum! I WILL satisfy you like no one in the world can!" She screams out in rapture as I turn the key and flex my boner upward, pressing her into my chest as I hug her with my dick.

Her restraint buzzes and clanks as the heartshaped lock splits down the middle and opens up revealing a complicated series of gears, lights and tubes that blast out a cool mist like before. Eve looks down as her panties crack open and unhinge. "I can't believe it! Ohhhh! I can't believe it!" She yells as I pick her up and hold her soft, tender, limp body in the air allowing her restraint to fall off on to me, clicking and flashing as it spews out cold vapor with every roll down my dick and balls, finally crashing onto our bed.

"You did it! Your the only one who could! Thank you so much!....ahhhh....heehh...thank you so...much! daddy!....oooohhhhh!" She shivers and goosebumps wash over her entire body as I continue holding her up. Bringing her cold ivory pelvis to my face, I kiss it and lick away the frost from above her delicate frozen pinkness. "Is that better my precious little baby girl?" I ask, slowly dropping her back down as I rub her body against mine and warm her cold girl parts with the heat resonating from my enormous pounding boner.

"I...I...never.. (pant)..thought... (pant).. this day would c......Aaaahhhh! Eve screams and her entire body flutters as I place her cold bare pussy on my vibrating erection, the contact instantly making her cum hard. Her body freezes up and falls forward into my chest. I hug her and lift her up slightly, making her hover over my dick. "I'm here now. I'm all yours Eve. So cum! Cum for me!" I demand as I hump back and forth, slowly dropping her down, rubbing my dick between her legs.

"Ooohhh...oooohhhh..ohh..ohhh..pleeaase!" She shrieks. Her body convulses as she grabs her velvety pale little butt that was blossoming outward, slowly stretching back to life from years of confinement, as it grew warmer with every jerk of her dainty frame. I lift her up again and raise my dick to her, bobbing it up and down between her legs as I sit her down in the middle of it. She straddles me and begins uncontrollably rubbing herself on my pulsing warmth.

I grab her hips and slide her down my two foot thick shaft towards me. "Aaaahhhh!! Don't stop!( Pant) DONT STOP!!!!" She cums all the way down my erection, soaking it with her flowing wetness as she slumps into an exhausted little pile and lays back. "Oh! (Pant) Oh! Heh...I've waited my whole life to know such pleasure! (Pant)!" Eve cries and shakes as her body and mind recover from a lifetime of unreleased orgasms and fantasies.

"I never thought I would! I never thought I could! Heh...waiting. (Pant) I've been waiting so long for you!" She whimpers as she holds her arms out to me, but is too weak to lift herself up. I lean forward and contract my giant dick lifting her up and towards me into my open arms. She hugs me and leans forward pulling my monster boner towards us, she knocks me off balance and I fall back on to the bed with her on top of me.

My dick crashes down on top of us smashing Eve flat into my body, covering us both. She laughs and lifts herself up under the weight of my erection, crawling up to my face, she kisses me with one single little wet smooch on my lips. "Mwah! Hee hee! Your mine now daddy!" She declares as she licks the side of my face and laughs. "Mmmmm! Now I will tell you everything!"

If you can read this, you need more slack.




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/etc/passwd entry

sudo adduser --gecos 'daravinne' --shell /bin/bash daravinne

ssh public key

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