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I'm Brandon Edens a hacker in the east bay. Here is a picture of me: [1]

I was formally trained as a computer engineer and computer scientist in school.

I'm interested in programming languages, operating systems, networking, 3D, personal fabrication, Drones, Bikes.

I am competent in the programming languages: Clojure, Common Lisp, C, Python, Java.

I was a system administrator and am a long time GNU/Linux user.

I have experience building embedded systems, designing hardware in HDL (Verilog / VHDL), Android.

Some of my existing projects are: A cups-epilog laser cutter driver. Jukebox software Hacker Jeopardy software known as Gyparody

My ssh public key is: ssh-dss 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