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(Tom supports this message.)
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== Associate Membership Sponsors ==
== Associate Membership Sponsors ==
None Yet. :(
# I'm [[user:flamsmark|Tom Lowenthal]], and I support [[user:jarrod|Jarrod Hicks]] as an associate member of Noisebridge. I've [[User:Flamsmark/endorsements#Jarrod|signed a note]] to this effect.
== SSH Public Key ==
== SSH Public Key ==

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I am a Junior Architect and Maker. I believe that Noisebridge's mission to provide infrastructure for technical/creative projects to the local community is important, and one that I can proudly support. I am happy that Noisebridge exists and thankful for the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from, it.

This is my most recent project in the space.

Concrete Stove

Another project I made at Noisebridge is located on my site:

Associate Membership Sponsors

  1. I'm Tom Lowenthal, and I support Jarrod Hicks as an associate member of Noisebridge. I've signed a note to this effect.

SSH Public Key

ssh-dss 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 hicksu@gmail

add user

adduser --gecos 'Jarrod Hicks' --shell /bin/bash hicksu

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