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Can anyone help teach the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, intro to makerbots, or screenprinting?

To get involved, subscribe & post to Noisebridge-discuss or you can email With the art auction w/ 100% of proceeds to NB.

Old Info
Stan's Thoughts: I will help. Just let me know what I should do next. Just pick a date and I will pack the place with volunteers and deep pockets as I am a certifiable event organizer. In the 1990's I was the local arrangements chair for two different ACM conferences held in San Francisco. These were in different years and held in local event venues. The first was 3.5 days long and the second one was 12 days. I personally negotiated all the contracts for the hall(s), catering, banquets, transporation, etc., and I know how to motivate volunteers for 100% volunteer projects. I know the first event was a success as I was later told the event made money for ACM.

Tony's Thoughts The email address I started for this purpose will remain active & I will check it regularly. A NB-er named Dwayne Crosby has offered his band to perform in a benefit if we want it; he can be reached at Also, my friend Stan, who offered to help organize & attract donors, has experience & can really Get Things Done, said as follows: "The NB event should be 6-8 weeks in the future, or it will be hard to get groups to commit. The NB place is not that large, so organizing something that fills it up is not to hard. The difficult aspect is attracting people with deep pockets and motivating them to donate."

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

Please add your name to this list if you can commit to Setup and/or Teardown work on Saturday, March 30. And please indicate if you are committing to 3pm Setup, 10pm Teardown, or both.

If you're not sure how to add your name to this list, send an email to the Noisebridge-discuss list or ask anybody at Noisebridge and they should be able to help you.


  • John Smith - 3pm
  • John Doe - 10pm
  • Homer Simpson - both

= = = List of Volunteers = = =

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