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Pre-flight checklist for balloon launches.

  1. Setup
    1. Check that cameras are set to high ISO and/or fast shutter speed. This is to avoid motion blur on images.
    2. insure that camera are not saving RAW format.
  1. Pre-launch
    1. Check cameras are turned on.
    2. Check radios are turned on and working.
    3. Check that phone is turned on and sending SMS.
    4. Check payload is firmly attached to parachute
    5. Check that "if found tag" is firmly attached to payload
    1. radio is connectd to the antenna
    2. radio is connected to the open tracker
    3. radio is connect to the G1
    4. open tracker is connected a 9 volt batter
    5. open tracker is connected to the GPS
    6. packet tracker is connected to the GPS
    7. packet tracker is connected a 9 volt battery
    8. G1 is connected to the radio.

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