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X make outline of how things fit into the compartments done: X enlarge hole for video camera so that there is not plastics in the field of


X mount canon camera to faceplate done: X prepare new Y adapter (done, although the pins have to be bent a bit for safe contact!) - assemble the antenna for GPRS X antenna for video

 -> Best thing it to just have the transmitter and the antenna inside one of                                                                  
 the compartments                                                                                                                             

- assemble GPRS GPS tracking system (details only known to Brian etc.) - assemble/mount phone - connect blinking circuit to the three position lights

  - have Mark have a look at the circuit                                                                                                      
  - mount battery holders                                                                                                                     
 -> Finding about blinking circuit: It is just switching on/off two fully                                                                     
 charged AA cells and is certainly not the best way to do it. All three LEDs
 on the payload are connected in parallel.

- isolate intervalometer electrically - maybe buy Kapton tape(?) - buy velcro for mounting electronics in box - buy helium tank -X mount video equipment X mount 12V power supply X fix the position of the video camera (needs to get into launch checklist!) 2x cinch male-male adapters - glue plastic sheets that came loose - charge video battery fully and measure full voltage - replace batteries in blinker before launch (shorting) - replace canon camera battery - put this list onto the wiki, also the launch prep check list - access list - put failed minimal launch data (track on google maps etc.) onto the wiki

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