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Horsy is our Media Center machine. This was a gracious donation from Miloh to the space to be used for movies and awesome things on the projector.


Please don't fuck it up for everyone else

Please don't re-purpose the machine because a bunch of people really appreciate its usefulness with the projector and how it's currently setup.

Please don't root the machine, if you'd like SSH access keep on reading.


  • Physical - It is currently located above the shelves near the projector.
  • IP -
  • mDNS - horsy.noise

How to play videos


How to play music


If you want to plug in an MP3 player, such as an iPod, there should be a 1/8" cable sticking out of Horsy with a label stating so. There's no need to switch the input.

Shell Access


If you'd like more access to the machine, please talk to rubin110 and he'll be happy to give you access.


Pass: horsy

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