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* [[RepRap]]
* [[RepRap]]
* [[MaxNCMill]]
* [[MaxNCMill]]
*[[Vinyl cutter]]
=== Computer Servers ===
=== Computer Servers ===
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* [[Sources for electronic and other project components|External resources]]
* [[Sources for electronic and other project components|External resources]]

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Noisebridge contains several resources that are at the physical space and in virtual space. These are available to both members and the general public.


Project Spaces and Resources


Computer Servers

  • Our Tor server
  • Noisebridge-Greet, our general public internet terminal
  • Pony, a legendary login and file server
  • Zebra, a display unit for the Reverse Engineering Bar
  • Donkey, former display unit for the REBar, now asking to be used
  • s1, a server for production services related to the space
  • Quagga, a development and general use kiosk in the electronics lab
  • Kiang, a kiosk/? system built into a tabletop with a touchscreen
  • Janky, a janky system, made from whatever was available.
  • Horsy, where the audiovisual stuff lives

Physical Infrastructure

Access Control

Bulk Orders


Sources for project components

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