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When someone says something outrageously funny or weird, it goes on the memorable quotes list or it gets the hose again.

Most recent are on top.

  • TravisWellman.com: I recommend anyone selling anything for cash get a photo of the buyer's ID.
  • netik: It's downright impossible to implement traffic shaping when the traffic is asymmetrically loaded and you do not control the other end of the link.
    jake: hey man just because you can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done.
  • RedType: so wait is noisebridge finally imploding
    froggytoad: no
    RedType: darn
    RedType: i looove drama that im not involved in
  • teratoma: i isued a pull request to the cygnite guy to delete everything
    teratoma: he probably wont accept it
  • LinkReincarnate: I am tired of the anti police bias at Noisebridge.
  • pryankster: Although my bachelors degree is in Math/Computer Science I have always felt that language should express ideas accurately. So I can state definitively that there is no such thing as a Sleep Hacker.
  • mala: you can always just kind of defend yourself by going "no, i'm just hacking this sandwich"
  • martin: I told him again I still don't know of anyone that's around who works on the TOR node but I will certainly relay the message.
  • jerkey: cnc mills have been around for many years, it's the hackers who need to be improved
  • Snail: My only consolation is this literal pile of bacon I am eating.
  • Velyks: London hackspace has now put advisory stickers over the taps explaining that the water contains water.
    Velyks: Known pesticide solvent and responsible for thousands of deaths each year
  • eqe: Those who would give up source code to obtain a little temporary usability will get neither safety nor usability.
  • letigre: I'm fairly new to the scene myself but have already learned the reality that we have to protect ourselves by being selective about the people we surround ourselves with.
  • malaclyps: SuperQ_ drops his "rm -rf kitchen" BOMBSHELL
  • StrangeCharm: Wow, these mailing-list threads are totally over the top.
  • lizzard: Everyone forgets the feminist cabal
  • LinkReincarnate: Who am I indeed you neckbearded fuck.
  • zv: I'm not critical, It's just a little whack
  • zv_: Homeless robots may be exempt from jj's judgement
  • lpb: noisebot: tell harrison about compassion
    noisebot: lpb: I never heard of compassion :(
  • gnusosa: I just loved seeing crackheads in 16 st wearing OSCON 09 shirts
  • rubin110: I can't believe that someone pooped in the space and it wasn't me.
    Bifrost: rubin: I am sortof shocked as well.
  • gnusosa: c++ is the neo-liberalism statement of the corporate technocrats.
    unixjazz: how about java?!?
    gnusosa: Java is the CIA killing Sanidistas and Tupamaros in South America.
  • Evil-Bill: A semen tank doesn't sound very useful on the battlefield.
  • yesac: we have to get Mitch to shit in every hackerspace ever
  • zonk1024: Anyone have a lead on a relatively cheap, relatively nice place in the mission for rent?
  • hybrid oogle/hipster in the library: (upon being woken up and asked to sleep elsewhere) You and your analytic bullshit. Fuck your ones and zeros!
  • harvy: hello?
    yesac_: EHLO
    Evil-Bill: Hello and welcome to the enrichment center.
  • Dean Mao: those people didn't even look like hackers
  • froggtoad: tunnel digging? someone making a subway?
    froggtoad: subways are like diy 4d printing
  • teratoma: moxie just biked by me in the dark. no light. no helmet
    jerkey: he doesn't want the government to get him
  • froggytoad: you have to be paid a developers wages to eat like a carney in this town.
  • mischief: okc never got me any booty
    rubin110: mischief: That's because you list Plan9 in your profile.
    mischief: :<
    mischief: help me
    zv: wuw
    zv: a girl just can't compare to GCC
    zv: Theres only one kind of tan I care about
    zv: and the tan that most girls on OKC have can't relate the angle derived from the lengths of the opposite to adjascent side
    zv: i say live proud with the plan9 fandom mischief
    zv: if a girl can't dig your evidently superior taste in monolithic kernel architectures, then whatever with that.
  • rachel lyra: I remember the insane depredations of the Noisebridge Couch Liberation Front, and it was only through a series of intricate negotiations that the current truce was reached. Be wary. The CLF could switch sides and deliver 1000 couches to your home if you piss them off.
  • The question is, why are bugs shooting bullets at me?
    Crutcher: To teach you about fractions!
  • zv: the man with the aggression of uriel without the wisdom, the aristocracy of linus without the legacy and humility of mitt romney without the hot wife.
    zv: worried that he will slip deeper and deeper into irrelevancy
    zv: he is
    zv: Theo De Raadt
  • VonGuard: I am appalled and ashamed that I was ever associated with the space to begin with.
  • teratoma: i think the frozen rats in my freezer are going bad
  • gnusosa: Am I crazy for wanting a bike for hire.
    gnusosa: ?
    rubin110: gnusosa: That would be a facinating hipster trend.
    rubin110: Your primary bike made to look just like it came from a bike share program from another part of the world.
    gnusosa: No, I don't want to be a hipster. I just want a bike like that. I really like the shape.
    gnusosa: :(
    rubin110: That's what all hipsters say.
  • tlalexander: the organization cannot actually be truly anarchist without quickly getting booted from SF.
  • dj_ryan: I'll have you know MY anal muscles are decidedly NOT SMOOTH
  • wsargent: php is the twilight of programming languages
  • rubin110: froggytoad: Want to go to Minneapolis for a Grimes concert in October?
    froggytoad: sure, if it doesn't conflict with the mini maker faire. in oakland.
    rubin110: Mini Maker Faire in Oakland, is that where you 3D print a mugging?
  • zv: i thought the man was preventing me from ircing
    zv: turns out I just dont know what a pagedown is
  • malaclyps: Rob Pike, like everyone else you know, is a file
  • gnusosa: wiretapped: I'm doing Advanced Vim usage and Free Software as a change platform in Latino America.
    gnusosa: wiretapped: In hackmeet
    wiretapped: is that one talk or two? :)
    gnusosa: wiretapped: two
    wiretapped: "Vim: a platform for social change"
    gnusosa: wiretapped: That would be awesome.
    mischief: hahahahaha
    gnusosa: "Life is like a visual line mode. We must insert and go back to edit mode if we want to succeed."
  • casey: Go back to Plan9, hipster.
  • wiretapped: stopped at home depot to make repairs
    wiretapped: getting back underway now
    yesac: it was funny, latitude said y'all were stopped at the CHP parking lot for hours. figured that was a bad sign
    dj_ryan: repairz? AMG
    malaclyps: okay we need to repurpose that latitude for tracking the ponybus
    aestetix: I wonder how hard it would be to reshoot Rocky Horror, cast entirely with monkeys
    yesac: aestetix: what channel are you actually in?
  • synx: wsargent lets start a startup
    synx: that delivers tarballs on the web
    synx: click files, download compressed
  • [09:37am] cynthia joined the chat room.
    [09:37am] cynthia left the chat room. ("goodbye forever")
  • Snail: On side-channels to defeat web mazes "You could probably own Dreamhost pretty easily..."
  • Atala: i wonder how many Mormons typo their church name and call each other Morons.
  • Tom: After all the digits of pi, I'm going to add a comment that says, "I see what you did there."
  • Tom: So that we have all the digits of pi in a file.
  • miloh: 35 dollars is enough to ensure your cryptographic randomness. Entropy is guaranteed.
  • wsargent: they're all wondering how long it will take before someone notices they're jerking off in the bathroom
    RedType: wsargent: i dunno i can pump one out really fast but i take a long time to take a shit sooo
    wsargent: just be sure to explain that to everyone and you'll be fine
    DrSyzygy: ...
    RedType: OH AND I DIDNT WIPE, JUST ONE MORE PIECE OF EVIDENCE *drops pants, spreads ass cheeks*
    RedType: actually that probably wouldnt get me 86d but it would generate a 30 message thread on nb-discuss in which someone unironically invokes a fecal version of godwin, calling another nb-er "literally shitler"
    epsas: hirrarrious
    dj_ryan: shitler?
    dj_ryan: that is fucking fantastic
    wsargent: please someone put that up on the quotes page
    wsargent: I can't do it right now, I locked myself out
    RedType: my faberge beozar would probably then get "upcycled" into an organic coffee filter
    DrSyzygy: ... faberge bezoar?!
    RedType: faberge eggs are pretty big right?
    RedType: anyways and with that the noisebridge "circle of life" would be complete
  • snail: PHP is a recursive acryonym. It stands for Probably Hacked PHP.
  • rubin110: Actually, I'm more concerned about the reuse of the name "Ass".
    rubin110: Reusing machine names is totally bad luck.
  • david415: your shit-eating grin tells me you don't understand
  • Cobalt: Some of us don't use banks
  • epsas: omfg - prometheus is coming out in two weeks
    mrfb: oh shit
    mrfb: wait why does belgium, france, and switzerland get it a week early
    ani: so people can pirate it faster?
  • Noodles: Did I just watch someone smack some robot ass?
  • rayc: If Noisebridge didn't have oogling and trolling then it would be once again 100% unadulterated, as it started out; just on a bigger level.
  • hipe: Everyone's crazy at Noisebridge.
  • yesac: dr_jesus: some kind of frankenbootrom you're writing.
    yesac: i pity the poor sod who has to debug it
    dr_jesus: yesac: I ran it twice, it's debugged
  • cantelope: in reality, time is finite. in the future it will be divied up and sold as land is now. you might buy a slice of time from ACME Temporal Realty INC. This realty will be a reality. we are casualties of causality, currently the currency of the transtemporal transhuman architect.
    DrSyzygy: cantelope: Time is finite??
    DrSyzygy: So the topology of the universe is actually settled now? And the global curvature?
    cantelope: oh.. oops. sorry, every word there has a typo. i meant to say "god bless america"
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