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See PyClass for information about the current python classes at Noisebridge.

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I'm an enthusiastic user of the Python programming language, although I don't get to exercise my skills enough since I program only infrequently for work and for hobby projects. I've enjoyed teaching Python at work to people who were mostly nonprogrammers and I'd like to find more opportunities to teach, so I'd be glad to try to set up either a Python class for nonprogrammers or a Python class for non-Python programmers at Noisebridge.

Two problems I've encountered when teaching coworkers are how to get (the same set of) people to attend regularly and how to get people to do homework or practice outside of class. I guess in an academic setting these problems are often handled by giving letter grades for attendance (or testing), which doesn't work well in a volunteer class setting.

Is anybody interested in this? Schoen 21:18, 26 October 2008 (PDT)

me, i'm interested in python. can you teach me what is "pythonic"? can you help me to use any of the zillions of modules that pack the planet? --Jstockford 20:36, 28 October 2008 (PDT)

Yeah! it's hard to find python classes in the real world.

Chris I'd be happy to teach or help teach some.

There is a Python class Mondays at 6pm which has been under the auspices of SF Linux Users Group, and which is quite possibly moving to Noisebridge. We're working through this book. --Skory

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