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First class in this series starts December 5th!

Come learn Python, Wenesdays at 7:00 - 9:00 PM PST. 7:00 to 7:40 will be a super duper easy beginning topic, 7:40 to 8:00 will be advanced nuggets. At 8pm you have two choices:

1. Stick around and learn a web framework (through end of the year) or hack on a group project (starting in January). The first 3 weeks in December we will cover 3 different web frameworks:, Flask, and Django. We will do the same project in each framework (task list or blog) so that everyone gets a feel for the different frameworks. Then together we will pick a framework, pick a project (see PyClass Project Ideas to add/comment) and kick off the new year with a several month adventure into making it happen. We will likely work with APIs and command line the first month with a special focus on testing and debugging then migrate into a skill orgy of templates, python, code reviews and git, climaxing at deployment and application management.

2. Go to the HTML, CSS, JS class.

Both are excellent choices and you can go back and forth. We are currently building a weekly schedule that you can peek at by clicking on: Working Syllabus In general, this is your class peeps! We are here to serve you so any feedback is welcome.

After 9pm we will have open hacking time and time for questions for those that went to the HTML class and want to come back for more or those that are kicking so much ass they just can't go home yet. If you have problems from work or home feel free to bring them after 9 and everyone can help each other.

For redundancy, not 1 but 2(!) people will be helping run these classes. Please contact either of us with comments/questions:

  • Elizabeth Leddy on IRC (#noisebridge/#plone) as eleddy or @eleddy
  • Daniel Nowak @kellankade

Cost: Free! That's right homies. Bring your good vibes and we are at your disposal!

Foodbridge will be providing dinner. A $2 donation will be requested.

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