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=== Next Meeting ===
=== Next Meeting ===

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Mailing List

Next Meeting

  • Review and work through 2 or 3 example problems covering concepts from chapters 1,2. Then finish presentation of chapter 2 (continuous random variables). After this people can solve problems together or go over answers to any of the recommended problems in chapters 1, 2.
  • When: Tuesday (11/23) 7:30 to 8:45pm
  • Where: Noisebridge (2169 Mission St.) - back corner classroom

List of Problems

List of Problems - (Google Docs Powerpoint)
These are book problems or other problems that 1 or more people felt were interesting enough to try solving.
Anyone who has this link can edit/add their own problems.

Each problem should include:

  • the problem
  • what concepts are required for the solution (eg. conditional independence, continuous random variables, etc.)
  • names of people who have worked through the problem


A probability study group was proposed on the noisebridge-discuss list and cc'ed to the Machine Learning mailing list.

The goal is to go through the 7 chapters of Fundamentals of Applied Probability Theory.

Proposed meeting format:

  • 30 min - a volunteer presents the material in the chapter (this will be for people who didn't have time to read the chapter at home, and for those who want to teach)
  • 30-45 min - discussion and problem solving (those who solved the problems at home can compare answers, those who didn't can work on the problems together)


Past Meetings

  • 11/17/2010 - chapter 2. Recommended problems 2.04, 2.07, 2.11, 2.17, 2.26, 2.27, 2.28, 2.30   (slides)
  • 11/09/2010 - chapter 1. Recommended problems 1.03, 1.08, 1.09, 1.12, 1.13, 1.21, 1.24, 1.30   (slides)

Statistical Computing


Teaching Volunteers

  • Kai
  • Mike S
  • Ben W
  • Sara N


Conditional Risk (from )

Conditional risk.png

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