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About Policy Wonks

The Policy Wonks are a Noisebridge committee dedicated to greasing the wheels of Noisebridge's vast administration, and cutting through red tape. We're here to tidy up policy matters, and make Noisebridge's structure easier to understand and navigate. We're the secret cabal that does this tedious work in the shadows so that you don't have to put up with it at weekly meetings.

Our current big project is updating and rewriting Noisebridge's bylaws so that they better represent our ethos.


The current members of the Policy Wonks committee are:

If you want to join the Policy Wonks, email Kelly or Tom.


Whenever we meet, we fill out an agenda here beforehand. When we're done, we add a summary, and any things that we have to do. When we complete our tasks, we strike out those items here.

02 Feb 2012

Location: Noisebridge, dinner served. 5:30pm


  • discuss this week's meeting, & response to proposed revision
  • re-discuss hiatus in light of NB's thoughts
  • review Utopian by-laws
  • agree on our next meeting time/place

18 Jan 2012

Location: Noisebridge

Kelly attended remotely. Tom was late because he is a slacker. Snail is the perfect child.


  • discuss last night's meeting's response to proposed membership revisions
  • discuss any other items that were referred to us at last night's meeting
  • plan revising the by-laws
  • agree on our next meeting time/place


  • Kelly:
    • locate the utopian NB bylaws, email to the wonks
    • get original hiatus consensus from Mitch etc
  • Tom to follow up on mailing list creation

16 Jan 2012

Location: Phone


  • membership expiry
  • comittee meta-conversation
  • planning by-laws revision

The inaugural meeting of the Policy Wonks resulted in a revised version of Membership, which will require several consensus items.

To Do items:

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