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Obi’s Game Jam

During this event we will be building 2D games in groups with Unity and GraphicsGale/Photoshop. We'll have a pre-built 2D game in Unity 3D that people may modify for use in there own groups game. This event is targeted for developers and artists with experience in one of the following:

   Developers: Unity 3D, Android, iOS, Xbox live XNA, Windows 8, blackberry, or another graphical game development 
   Game Artists: Photoshop, GraphicsGale, GIMP,, or a Pixel art creation tool

Agenda 12:00-12:30pm Reception
12:30-1:00pm Orientation
1:00-1:30pm Registration
1:30-6:00pm Game Jam
6:00-7:00pm Dinner - Takeout
7:00-7:45pm Game Finalization
7:45-8:00pm OUYA Giveaway Raffle ^_^

This game jam will be held at NoiseBridge this Sunday on August 18th in the Church classroom from noon until 8pm. We will have free pizza and refreshments. Come early to meet and mingle, bring laptops and tools, and be ready to jam!

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