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Noisebridge wants to run some Tor nodes. We have a bunch of sysadmins and Tor admins who want to run the system, and we have a bunch of donors who want to give Noisebridge money to run Tor nodes.

We need:

  • a email address
  • a wiki page describing the project (perhaps this one, once we are up and running)
  • a Wells Fargo bank account under the Noisebridge nonprofit account
  • a Paypal account to accept donations.

Open Questions

  • Kelly would like the Noisebridge Tor project to designate a specific individual as treasurer for the Noisebridge Tor project, to be responsible for the bank account and provide
  • Kelly would like a summary of why the above scenario is the best, comparing and contrasting other scenarios:
    • a Noisebridge Paypal account not connected to any bank account
    • a Noisebridge Paypal account connected to a non-Noisebridge bank account
    • a non-Noisebridge Paypal account (connected to a bank account or not)
    • no Paypal account
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