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Hacker Satyam Rastogi is an Indian independent computer security consultant and author. He has had an interest in computers since his childhood from the first time he saw a computer. He was totally excited to know how the computer works and at 5th in his class he has began to take more and more interest in computers. As time began to pass he started taking interest in security of computer and as more time passed satyam began getting knowledge about hacking and cyber securitie. Satyam describes himself as an ethical hacker, and has written several books on the topic of computer security. Satyam came into light when he wrote Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking at the age of 14, and made several hacking claims, including working with intelligence agencies against terrorists. Subsequently, he started offering computer security consulting services and wrote more books . Satyam became sought-after among the corporate with websites in India as well as on the conference speaking circuit. He wrote more books on computer security, and spoke at several seminars across schools and colleges in India. He also started a started his own company. He has claimed to have done paid consulting to intelligence and defense agencies.

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