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There are six points of access to the 3rd floor of 2169 Mission:

  1. The stairwell door on the north wall,
  2. the elevator on the west wall,
  3. the stairwell door on the south wall,
  4. the stairwell door to the second floor in the northeast corner,
  5. the patio/fire escape stairs to the second floor (and the escape ladder to the ground floor), and
  6. the roof hatch.

Once on the third floor, there are two other doors:

  1. The south door from the third floor elevator landing, and
  2. the east gate from the third floor elevator landing.

There are also a basement and a roof which are off-limits.


The plan is to have a prox reader downstairs which will unlock the front door and front gate. That may require installing a new lock on the front door. (The gate uses an electric strike which already has a terminal pair downstairs.)

If the landlord says they're ok with that and they aren't going to pay for it:

MAG1300GF: $99.00 x 2

Passive infrared door unlock sensor: $50ish

The other Schlage gear and the rekeying set were $317.27.

I'm going to cover the cost of the prox controller and reader. I'll need some cable mounting hardware from the hardware store, about another $50.

Total: $367.27 (plus $248 if we need to install a new maglock.)

2169 Mission.png

Front Gate

Connects To: Outside, Front Door.

Automatically Closes: Yes.

The front gate is an iron gate with an electric mortise strike driven by the intercom pad next to the north stairwell door. This door uses a Schlage lock keyed to the version [A key]. Because this gate is shared with our neighbors and the landlord, they all use Noisebridge keys to get in the gate.

Front Door

Connects To: Front Gate, North Stairwell Door, Elevator.

Automatically Closes: No

The front door is a pair of glass doors, each with a lock near the floor to drive a pin into the ground. Both cylinders use Kwikset-style wards with pins 42466 (approx.)

Both locks are double cylinder, for a total of 4 keyways. The keyway closest to the southwest is damaged and doesn't work. As a result, the procedure to lock the front doors is:

  1. Close both doors and lock the south door from the inside.
  2. Exit through the north door.
  3. Lock the north door from the outside. This cylinder turns counterclockwise to lock.
  4. Exit through the front gate and remove any cable holding it open.

You should lock the front doors as you leave if you are the last person in the building and it is not between 8-5 (any day of the week).

To unlock the front doors:

  1. Unlock the north door. This cylinder turns clockwise to lock.
  2. If you want both doors open because you have a bicycle or other large object, unlock the south door from the inside.

You probably shouldn't relock the door unless you have a good reason, as members with only an 83c key will not be able to enter.

North Stairwell Door

Connects To: Front Door, Elevator, Noisebridge.

Automatically Closes: Yes.

This door uses generic Schlage compatible wards and uses the standard Noisebridge version A key. You can turn the cylinder either way to unlock the door. Be warned that this cylinder may require quite a bit of force to turn.


Connects To: Front Door, Basement, South Elevator Landing Door, East Elevator Landing Gate.

Automatically Closes: No. (And don't forget to close it or the call buttons on other floors won't work.)

The elevator takes about 33 seconds to go between the first and third floors, while walking at a normal pace up the stairs takes about 20 seconds. Thus, the stairs may be used more often than the elevator for members without bicycles.


Connects To: Second Floor Landing, Roof.

Automatically Closes: No.

There's a sliding glass door which leads to a scary metal fire escape outside. The fire escape has stairs that go to another sliding glass door on the second floor which you aren't going to use. There is also an escape ladder on that same second floor landing which you are going to use if the building is on fire.

South Stairwell Door

Connects To: Noisebridge, Outside.

Automatically Closes: No.

This goes down two floors and dumps you in a little area that seems to have been commandeered by some rats and flies. There is also fruit. In theory you can get out of the building through here, but you're probably not going to be happy about it. Make sure you don't end up stepping on any of the mouse traps.

Northeast Stairwell Door

Connects To: Noisebridge, Second Floor East Suite

This door takes you into the east suite on the second floor. Don't use it because we aren't renting that suite from the landlord. Yes, this still applies even if the suite is unoccupied.


Connects To: Roof Hatch, Patio.

Automatically Closes: No.

You see a roof. There are skylights here. You feel cold. Exits are: west.

South Elevator Landing Door

Connects To: Elevator, Noisebridge.

Locked with a Schlage BE365. Use your regular 83c key to turn the tumbler 90 degrees, then push it in to engage the thumbturn with the locking mechanism. The door is currently a little out of alignment so you might have to tug upwards on the doorknob to get the bolt to engage.

East Elevator Landing Gate

Connects To: Elevator, Noisebridge.

Another ghetto installation job using one of the Spark Schlage knockoffs. Use your 83c key. Movement towards the elevator doesn't require a key.


Connects To: Elevator.

Do not go to the basement. Seriously, don't.

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