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There are six points of access to the 3rd floor of 2169 Mission:

  1. The stairwell door on the north wall,
  2. the elevator on the west wall,
  3. the stairwell door on the south wall,
  4. the stairwell door to the second floor in the northeast corner,
  5. the patio/fire escape stairs to the second floor (and the escape ladder to the ground floor), and
  6. the roof hatch.

Once on the third floor, there are two other doors:

  1. The south door from the third floor elevator landing, and
  2. the east gate from the third floor elevator landing.

There are also a basement and a roof which are off-limits.

Front Gate

Connects To: Outside, Front Door.

The front gate is an iron gate with an electronic latch driven by the intercom pad next to the north stairwell door. This door uses a Spark brand lock. The lock uses a Kwikset-style ward with pins 73655 (tip to shoulder.) We share this lock with our neighbors on the 2nd floor and the landlord.

Front Door

Connects To: Front Gate, North Stairwell Door, Elevator.

The front door is a pair of glass doors, each with a lock near the floor to drive a pin into the ground. Both cylinders use Schlage-style wards with pins 42466 (approx.)

North Stairwell Door

Connects To: Front Door, Elevator, Noisebridge.

This door uses generic Schlage compatible wards and uses the standard Noisebridge version A key.


Connects To: Front Door, Basement, South Elevator Landing Door, East Elevator Landing Gate.

The elevator takes about 33 seconds to go between the first and third floors, while walking at a normal pace up the stairs takes about 20 seconds. Thus, the stairs may be used more often than the elevator for members without bicycles.

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