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MoinMoin Wiki

MoinMoin is a wiki written in Python. The current stable release 1.9.x is used at many community sites, in intranets and on local desktop installations.

We are currently mostly working on MoinMoin 2.0 (short: moin2), which is a rewrite of the codebase, quite different internally, much more powerful and easier to hack than 1.x was.

moin developers visiting Noisebridge

Bastian Blank and Thomas Waldmann will be in California between Oct, 12 2012 and Oct, 26 2012.

We'll visit Noisebridge Wed 2012-10-24 (and we'll be at Baypiggies meeting on the 25th in case we won't meet at Noisebridge).


We could do a small presentation about moin2:

  • what is it?
  • what's new? (in general and also recent news from GSOC 2012)
  • what needs to be done to release it, how you can help
  • Q&A

We could also do some moin hacking, if there is interest.

In moin2, we use quite some 3rd party python stuff, like:

  • whoosh - indexed search library
  • Flask + misc. extensions - micro framework
  • Jinja2 - templating
  • Werkzeug - http stuff
  • flatland - forms and validation
  • pygments - highlighting source/texts
  • pytest - testing framework
  • sphinx - documentation generation
  • XStatic - include static files the python way

So, if you're interested in any of them, we can talk about some of them also.


  • Thomas Waldmann (moin core developer and maintainer), contact: tw-public AT gmx DOT de
  • Bastian Blank (moin core developer)
  • ...
  • (please add your name above, maybe add your moin/wiki/python related interests and/or skills, so we can address them)
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