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Modular Synthesis Class

Space Filler

This has little to do with synthesis- yet!

Pictures of the modular synth rig from the fundraiser can be seen on flickr [1].

What Else Do We Need?

Help with the following

  • Attend this class
  • Please help expand this (as of 3/28)
  • Help Douglas with having more classes (see discuss)

General Things You Can Do

  • Add your own table (at no cost) to promote your interests throughout the event.
  • Volunteer for space security, general cleanup, setup and teardown.
  • Help us expand Bitcoin support!
  • Bring stickers and patches for the exchange!
  • Working printer for printing information for event tables on various topics.

To get involved, subscribe & post to Noisebridge-discuss

If You Would Like to Join Us

Learn the basics on Saturday, May 4th from 12pm - 6pm. Please add your name to the list.

Reserve Your Spot


Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole Time or Just Part E-mail
Douglas Guaranteed Whole unknown
Johny Radio Maybe Whole Time or Just Part maybe better not to ask ppl to post their email publicly.
Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole Time or Just Part E-mail
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