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Questions about Membership

Do I have to be a member to use the space?

The space is open to anyone like to drop by and take a look around. People are welcome to come by and work on projects related to events along with an invite from a member. To utilize the space for personal projects or anything to takes up resources of the space, you are kindly asked to become a good standing member.

How does one get a key? How does one become a member? What is the cost of membership?

All members have access to the space whenever they feel like (currently via a key). Please check out the Noisebridge_Membership page for instructions on how to become a member. Membership dues are $80 for a regular member, with a special $40 rate for "starving hackers". We're funded entirely by member donations so we encourage everyone to be a regular member if they can afford it.

What resources do members have access to?

  • Access to the space.
  • Allowed use of any shared resources within the space.
  • Ability to hold events in the space for other members or non-members.
  • Included in consensus decision making about issues and matters dealing with the space during our weekly meetings.
  • Storage in space for personal projects and tools.

Do I have to be a member to attend classes or workshops

No, classes and workshops are open to anyone who receives an invite or announce about it. Check out the Mailinglist page for information on how to join our announce list.

Questions about 83c

When is Noisebridge open?

Our space (83c Wiese) is open 24/7 to good standing members. Non-members are allowed to visit the space while another member is willing to accompany them.

Can I keep active projects in the space?

Yes! Good standing members are allowed to keep projects and personal items within project boxes.

What happens if I bring my tools into the space?

Members are allowed to keep personal tools and items within project boxes, which are kept separate from donated tools and items. Tools given to the space (not kept within project boxes) are considered to be a donation to the 501c3 nonprofit, accessible to any member at any time. Donations are not returnable or refundable.

How does (junk) donations work?

Only good standing members are allowed to donate items to the space (as to minimize clutter and junk accumulation). If you're not a member and have something big to donate please speak with a member to cosign on the donation.

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